Detailed KYC policy (Know your customer, identity verification)





In agreement with our AML-CFT policy, the KYC policy is an integral part of the legal procedure. The identification part helps to get all the customer’s information needed, in a transparent way, in order to determine the  fair and equal relation with the customer. The analysis of his informations will help determine the level of risk, and therefore decide to either work with him and offer our services if showing all the informations in accordance to our policy, or in a case of suspicion, to declare him to the local authorities. 



1/2 Identification


For a better identification, LADD Ltd  will request for all transactions:

- a copy of your Identity Document (front and back of the National Card or Passport)

- a selfie of the user showing the Identity Document communicated

The identity given and declared must be identical to the name on the bank accounts used for SEPA transactions.

Card transactions will require a strict verification of your card, including sending a picture of it, showing the last four digit and the owner’s name, which must be identical to the previous identity given and declared.

The telephone lines and phone numbers, as well as the IP addresses used and declared, must be in agreement with the places of residence and nationalities.


2/2 Measures


LADD Ltd reserves the right to refuse any legal person if the informations given would reveal inconsistencies and/or risks.

LADD Ltd also reserves the right to end any commercial collaboration if the informations collected during this commercial relationship indicates any fraudulent or risky activity.

As stated in our AML-CFT policy, any serious and suspicious activity as money laundering, tax evasion, and/or terrorism financial activities will be automatically reported to local authorities.

LADD Ltd remains the full right to transmit any information in the event of any previous suspicious activity from said authorities if asked.





This policy is an integral part of our general conditions. In order to be able to use the services of LADD Ltd, the customer needs to have declared to have read and agreed with these conditions.





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