Anti-Money Laundering Policy / Terrorism Financing





Financial services institutions have identified money laundering and terrorism financial activities as a major threat at the international level. LADD Ltd, therefore, implements a detailed AML-CFT (Anti-Money Laundering / Terrorism Financial activities) policy. Procedures and action taken are created in order to comply with the rules of each European Union’s country. LADD Ltd is followed and controlled by the Irish State. Its procedures allow it to comply with its legislative obligations against money laundering and the terrorism financial activities. Irish and European legislation is of utmost importance and also refers to the provisions of the FATF, United Nations and OFAC, which are the minimum  legal standards to be adopted and respected.


1/8 Aim of our policy


The purpose of this policy is to avoid any money laundering and terrorism financial activity, to detect any tax fraud and to protect. LADD Ltd, under the AML-CFT policy. This policy includes strict standards in terms of KYC (Know Your Customer) as the approvement from LADD Ltd, of the customers, through their identifications and verification ; the analysis of the risk’s customer ; the fair selection and compliance of the transactions ; the suspicious transactions’report, with an option of ending up the business relationship if any issue is noticed.

The AML-CFT also includes the necessary training and awareness of LADD Ltd teams in order to implement the actions mentioned above. The AML-CFT policy and KYC standards are based on an assessment of the risks involved. This approach makes it possible to use different tools and measures needed to control the different situations and levels of risk presented. This based on the client, his place of residency, his nationality, his needs with our services, the source and nature of his resources, the origin. of the declared telephone line used, the geographical areas detected (IP addresses), as well as the consistency of all the information. 

 Please read our KYC policy for more details and informations.


2/8 The objectives


This policy allowed a prevention for an unwanted and illegal use of the services offered by LADD Ltd as for money laundering, terrorism financial activities or tax evasion, and  prevent the association of  LADD Ltd’s name with any resulting consequences.  This policy ensures that our structure complies with the laws and regulations relating to AML-CFT wherever it is established.





3/8 Measurements


In accordance with our policy, we implement the measures defined below:


The establishment of a structured monitored organization ; the procedures for the collection and analysis of informations allowing the identification, verification and knowledge of customers by applying the obligations KYC terms ; a study and an evaluation of ML-FT risks through specific internal mapping with mandatory criterias, with an enhanced vigilance for clients identified at high risk ; procedures to train employees on the applicable AML-CFT obligations and procedures.


LADD Ltd remains at the full disposal of the local authorities to transmit any information on our users in case of any request asked.


4/8 Sanctions


Please refer to your local legislation


5/8 Trades on our exchange


Transactions on our platform are limited by one transaction every Mounth and an amount of :

  • € 250 / Mouth / client
  • € 4,999 / Mouth / client for SEPA transfers



All transactions should be one-off orders, and if not or if the level per week is often reached, more controls would be needed, and in case of default, LADD Ltd is allowed to end up any relationship with the customer.


will be subject to a declaration of origin of funds, more important checks may be requested, and, failing this, result in the deletion of the user

All securities’ redemptions will be the object of a transparent checking of the origin of the funds more controls would be needed and in case of default, LADD Ltd is allowed to end up any relationship with the customer.




6/8 Supervision of transactions


Any transaction that does not match the client's profile will  be reviewed to determine if the circumstances given allow a  rise to a suspicious transaction report or not.


7/8 Declaration of suspicion


All suspicious transactions that could be a crime punished by more than one year in prison, should be reported to local authorities by LADD Ltd.



8/8 Retention and informations updated


All customer informations (data, personal details, evidence) is updated through the business relationship, in accordance with applicable rules.





This policy is an integral part of our general conditions. In order to be able to use the services of LADD Ltd, the customer needs to have declared to have read and agreed with these conditions.



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