-LADD Limited reserves the right to update these terms and conditions of sale at any time, the user agrees to consult them on the occasion of each transaction and or use of the website lacircum.com

-The website lacircum.com belongs to LADD LIMITED.

-The user forms a contract via the website by accepting the terms and conditions in their entirety and without conditions.

-The user accepts that the nullity of a clause does not in any case implicate any other part of the contract.

-LADD Limited reserves the right to refuse or cancel any registration application to the service or the website.

-LADD Limited reserves the right to cancel or refuse any request for a transaction without reservation and without cause, in order to fight against fraud or any other immoral activity.

-Any transaction incurs clearly announced costs known to the user, these charges are charged to the amount of the requested order.

-The lacircum.com website may ask its users to prove their identity before accepting the transaction.

-- the user thus fully accepts our AML-TF policy as well as our KYC policy before any use of our services

-The user has the right to ensure that the transaction is accepted by contacting the support via contact indicated at the bottom of the site before sending any payment.

-Accepted IDs are as follows (Driver's License, Passport, ID Card)

-If the user wishes to be registered as a "Verified Member" this data can be stored.

-lacircum.com site may request for the security of its users and to fight against the fraud of other documents to ensure the identity of its user or request any other information to ensure that the transaction will be secured at benefit of both parties.

-The identity must match the name of the account making the transfer. (Only for transactions that need to be identified as SEPA transfer)

-For companies, an incorporation certificate less than three months will be asked in advance in addition to the identity of the principal officer. lacircum.com does not charge VAT or invoice for online cryptocurrency transactions.

-The user accepts without reserve, the variable transaction times depending on the reactivity of banks and or payment providers chosen for the transfer of money, as well as the state of the cryptocurrency network requested to send and receive its crypto-currencies.

-The user understands and agrees that any transfer of money must first be received and confirmed before sending cryptocurrencies wished.

-The user agrees to send the exact amount requested on lacircum.com in the exact currency via the same payment method as the one requested on the order.

-Any transfer, payment, receipt, not corresponding to the identity sent beforehand will be returned before being charged a processing fee corresponding to the transaction fees presented subject to adding exchange fees in case of receipt a currency different from that announced on the order.

-The number of crypto currencies sent will be dependent on the market price at the time of receipt of funds minus the transaction fees announced.

-Transfer fees in cryptocurrencies are supported by the buyer.

-The user agrees to check with the utmost vigilance the receipt address of the cryptocurrency ordered before communicating to the site lacircum.com

-The site lacircum.com rejects any responsibility in case of non receipt of the crypto currencies due to erroneous or outdated address communicated to the site. The sending of cryptocurrency is technically irreversible.

-The user agrees to correct, report, any error occurred as soon as possible so as to avoid any contravention.

-The user agrees to be contacted to verify the cryptocurrency wallet receipt address or others informations to secure the transfer for the benefit of two parties.

-The user can cancel his order at any time before sending the funds. If the funds are already sent and / or received, the amount may be repaid with a processing fee equal to the transaction fees shown.

-Once crypto currencies sent all requests for cancellation and impossible, the shipment is technically irreversible.

-If the necessary funds are not sent within 3 working days, the order becomes void and therefore canceled.

-Any appointment canceled less than 72 hours before, cannot lead to a refund of the requested service.

-Orders are limited at one by person, by means of paiement, by day.

-The site lacircum.com as well as society LADD limited banned any kind of illegal or immoral financing, any transaction or fraudulent account or doubtful type

weapon, drug, prostitution, organ trafficking, terrorism will be refused and banned without cause, nor prior notice.

-The user recognizes that cryptocurrency remains a risky investment in highly volatile markets. It is recommended to place there only the sums that the user and ready to forget

or to lose. The site lacircum.com remains available to talk about it via contact indicated at the bottom of the site and rejects any responsibility in case of irresponsible investment.

-The user undertakes not to communicate to anyone his identifiers of the site lacircum.com, nor even to the website lacircum.com by email, sms or any other way to fight against piracy.

-The user agrees to check the url site "lacircum.com" before sending any sensitive information or document to fight against pirates (hacking).

-In case of fraudulent use of your account, and / or your identity, LACircum.com reserves the right to terminate any partnership and / or transaction in progress.

If your account is creditor at the time of blocking your account, Lacircum.com may freeze your assets for a maximum of 6 months from the notification of the blocking of your account. The funds will be returned, charged transaction fees, management fees, and possibly investigation fees that led to the blocking of your account.



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