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How can I trust you ?

LA Circum is the trade name of the company LADD Ltd operating since December 2018 throughout the euro zone. it is therefore as a professional that the website offers these exchange services.

You can also rely on the comments published on Trustpilot of customers passed through the site.

What is the delivery time of the cryptocurrency ?

For any first exchange, it will be necessary to carry out an identity verification by the AML5 regulations of the European Union.

 Once this verification has been carried out, the time taken can range from a few minutes for instant card payments or transfers to between 1 and 3 working days for classic SEPA transfers. Depending on your bank.

If you are in a hurry, you can contact an agent on the chat window at the bottom right for a more precise estimate of the time. 

Once the agent is available, we will take care of you in a few minutes.

If bitcoin goes down, will I still have my cryptocurrencies ?

Yes ! If you have one bitcoin, you will always have one bitcoin, regardless of its price.

Then I go through a human being instead of filling out the form ?

Yes, with pleasure, we remain available through the chat window to help you.

How much does the service cost me ?

All rates, fixed and variable are displayed at the top of the forms corresponding to the means of payment.


How can I track the delivery of my crypto ?

There are many blockchain explorers.

You will be able to follow the "delivery" of your cryptocurrency step by entering your receiving address in the search bar of blockchain explorer sites.

Ask us for help in the chat window to get the link affiliated to your transaction.


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