Investing in crypto intelligently 





Whatever the reasons that encourage you to invest in crypto, as a crypto enthusiast, I congratulate you for wanting to enter this new universe. However, beware, the active crypto market is very volatile in addition to being sown with danger in the face of piracy and pressure from states as well as banks so that you do not hold crypto.


Yet crypto enthusiasts will tell you, blockchain technology represents the new world, it is the trusted solution between its users for the transfer of wealth.


It is clear that all of this new technology seems complicated. This is why my services help you enter the digital market in an intelligent and above all secure way.

Our services





Blockchain and cryptocurrency training









Creation of your Bitcoin wallet or other crypto 






149 Euros


  • What is blockchain and what are bitcoin and other crypto

  • Send and Receipt Crypto


  • Answering questions
  • Implementation of a personalized strategy


3 to 4 hour module

49 Euros


  • FREE for an investment of 1000+ Euros on our website

  • Order your Ledger here


  • Creation of your Wallet on PC, Smartphone, or Ledger
  • Answering questions


Allow 1 to 2 hours


Ability to provide training and


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