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  • Account opening and creation of wallets
  • Setting up your investment strategy
  • DeFi, build up passive income / N F T
  • Trading Bot
  • Alerts on the latest news and opportunities
  • Digital investment advice, lessons
  • Assistance and operations management
  • Availability 24/7   



You want to take advantage of the many investment opportunities that the crypto assets market offers. Capital gains, trading, passive income on DeFi (decentralized finance), NFT, and many more areas.

You are experiencing technical difficulties or are afraid of the volatility of Bitcoin. All these reasons are why you are not yet exposed to the success of cryptocurrencies.


Since December 2018, I have been helping investors from all over the world to realize their ambitions in the cryptocurrency markets.


Together let's head towards success!

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  • Learn about Bitcoin and the Blockchain. 4h


  • Mastering DeFi, building a passive income. 3h


  • Investment strategies, Trading basics. 4h


  • Protecting your crypto-assets. 2h




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  • Opening accounts on market platforms.


  • Setting up your wallets including Ledger.


  • Building your passive income.


  • Installation of trading robots.

  • Backup and security of your data. property of LADD Ltd Dublin IRELAND
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