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  • Account opening and creation of wallets
  • Setting up your investment strategy
  • DeFi, build up passive income / N F T
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  • Digital investment advice, lessons
  • Assistance and operations management
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The universe of cryptocurrency has shown us since its birth an exponential growth of the most impressive. With a blockchain technology still very young with near of ten years, the possibilities and opportunities are still strong. Blockchain, smart contracts, tokenization of assets and real estate, decentralized finance "DeFi" and many other areas.


With the technical complexity that digital markets can inspire you, our training, support and consulting services will help you invest in the digital values of your choice, strategically and securely without the need to master IT tools. You will be kept informed of the latest opportunities as well as the latest technical innovations.

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Blockchain and cryptocurrency training









Wallet and account creation assistance








  • What is the blockchain technology and what are bitcoins and other crypto


  • Send and Receipt Crypto


  • Investment strategies, The basics of trading
  • What is DeFi, decentralized finance


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  • Assistance for setting up your Wallet, exchange account, (DeFi & Metamask), HardWallet (Ledger)


  • Data back up


  • Set up according to your needs
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