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LA Circum in partnership with and PundiX

Any traders and entrepreneurs can now equip their companies with an Xpos to accept, buy and sell cryptocurrencies and create their own crypto in the name of your choice as well (Token hosted on the Fx blockchain).


The elegant and neat design Xpos presented below is made for instant transactions with Xwallet (mobile application) and Xpass (physical cards). You will be able to interact with your customers whether they are with you or on the other side of the world. You will also be able to interact with others wallets that are not affiliated with PundiX.

Xpos, a cryptocurrency payment terminal release by Pundix team, it allows every professionals to buy, sell and accept  digital currencies including Bitcoin as meaning of payment. Order here

Xwallet on screen with Xpass over it. Its two elements can be linked on the application. The Xpass also allows transactions to be carried out with an Xpos without needing your mobile. Order here

The advantage of this technology is to be able to free themselves both from banking networks by integrating into a system totally separate from traditional currencies (Euros, dollars ect) but also from traditional connection networks since the devices delivered by PundiX will offer to use their own network the fxtp (in connection with the exit of the corner Fx).

This device also offers to be a node of the fx blockchain, that is to say, it will offer to generate income by simply being turned on and connected to the internet, without necessarily making a transaction.

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly presented as a substitute for cash that is disappearing a little more year after year.

The company PundiX made the bet in 2017 to "Make cryptocurrencies as accessible as a bottle of water in a grocery store". This vision won over developers, investors, and users very quickly, as the ICO raised over $ 35M in just a few hours on Juanary 21th 2018.

Today, PundiX has already distributed over 100,000 Xpos across 25 countries, present on 4 continents, and represents a community of over 100,000 verified users, the application has been downloaded over 700,000 times and investors from its next coin (Fx) are already more than 70,000. PundiX is also a very present community on social networks including Telegram.


The Xpos and Xpass will offer you to boost your activity in a new air.


LA Circum, in partnership with and Pundix, offers you the distribution, installation, and monitoring of your PundiX devices.


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