Recession against the background of corona virus covid 19  
















If we follow economic activity for a few years, we realize that the parameters activated by the FED, the IMF and the ECB combined only help the banks to make up the inevitable.


Namely a definite lack of liquidity, leading to printing fiat currency (euro, dollars) to "support" the world economy. These operations are supposed to bring growth, but in recent years, growth has not advanced, or worse it has declined.


Lebanon is one of the first victims of this crisis, and this week it has just declared itself bankrupt.


The covid 19 virus could very well be a perfect excuse for international organizations to stop supporting banks making up their balance sheets under the guise of loans (thus worsening their situation), and ghost companies (which should already no longer exist).


For the past few weeks, we remember that at the end of 2019 the FED injected $ 75 billion a day for a month to support the economy. With the current crisis, 150 billion each day are created. this looks like a general panic, where we no longer know which lever to use to save ourselves from an air crash (the plane, like an economy gone crazy) which dives in the nose and which will crash. The fall will be as violent as it has been long.


This does not date from the appearance of the Covid 19 virus. Here are the stock prices of banks well known to the public over the last 6 months.


They are all dying, money is running out, and it would not be surprising to see one of them die. This will cause millions of people to lose their assets.


Here, agricultural credit, general society, BNP Paris bas, HSBC.


Add to this, the Deutchbank which cuts 18,000 jobs (source) worldwide this year 2020 and HSBC which announces it wants to get rid of all these French agencies behind the scenes.


Let's be clear, this situation is not happy! An economic crisis means human tragedies, but whose fault is the analyst or actor of the levers? As a crypto enthusiast, all crypto currencies a violent fall like bitcoin which loses in a few days.

We can see here that there is no correlation between bank stocks on the traditional stock exchange and the price of the first cryptocurrency, bitcoin.


This undoubtedly means taking the liquidity of traders and investors to make up for the poor results of the investments they could have made on the down jones, cac 40, nikkei ect


In a second step, all crypto enthusiasts hope is that confidence will gain "mass" to experience a dizzying rise using bitcoin and other crypto as a safe haven and profitable product.



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