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Transferwise, this modern, friendly neo bank actually steals hundreds of users every day. Indeed, this service allows you at any time to block access to your accounts and confiscate your funds by brandishing the famous flag of the fight against money laundering and terrorism.


We paid the price for their more than arbitrary actions in January 2019 when our start up was barely a month away. We discovered in the facebook reviews full of users were writing their bitterness to see themselves blocking and removing funds. (Often people of color living in economically weak countries) These comments disappear because users are simply banned pages on social networks, so they are condemned to silence.



No wonder the transferwise founders, Kristo Käärmann and Taavet Hinrikus boast of becoming a billionaire in a short time. The scam is simple, bait the customer by putting forward the least cost of change of currency and sending money around the world but at any time your account is simply freeze and fly. This is the so-called "honey pot" tactic.

During our experience we were able to meet a French entrepreneur having been blocked for 200 000 euros of capital endangering the life of his company ending up in payment difficulties facing employees. Transferwise will be comfortable with the difficulties you may encounter due to unannounced blocking of your accounts.


Transferwise knowingly fly individuals and businesses every day around the world, while still being very friendly and cool in communication. The tactic seems well established since if we are dissatisfied they invite us to start a procedure at the European level which will lead to the appointment of a mediator of their choice which finally will prove them right. For our part it was "Financial Ombudsman" (Clearly, they ride for Transferwise!)


If you too are a victim of Transferwise's actions, you can send us an email to share and eventually set up a collective procedure. If you are supportive of this injustice I will ask you to put them the lowest on the following links. Believe me it will end up hurting them.


You can join the support of transferwise on this number for UK +44 203 6950 999


If you discover this article and have not yet opened an account with Transferwise, flee! and get closer to more serious companies like Revolut, or N26, much more humane and listening to its customers with rates quite correct and crypto friendly!



For our part it was the question of stopping the activity because all our capital had been entrusted to Transferwise which has squandered. This war that some banks and neobanks are waging against crypto is disloyal, and we have decided to be reborn from our ashes and not let ourselves be faced with this giant. After all, let's not forget that in mythology David defeated Goliath.


Death to thieves, long life crypto!

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