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If you have chosen to enter the world of cryptocurrency, or seriously consider doing so, first of all, congratulations! Because you are still among the first, we will look in a few years as people who have seized an opportunity to place, on a digital value already high, in a still young market ( ten years today).

With the exponential growth of the market and the money that can generate crypto, we are often asked to invest on a new cryptocurrency.

This article is intended to help you differentiate a good opportunity, a baseless promise or simply a scam.

The number one rule, before entering a currency, if you have any doubt or feel uncomfortable with the project. Do not invest!

Because yes, behind each crypto, there is a project. An entrepreneurial experience would not be too much to judge the feasibility of the project and its credibility.


What I advise anyone is to ask yourself the following questions:


What problem does the project respond to?


Do not take for cash marketing phrases, like, "We will be the first blockchain of such territory or community" or "we are going to create a cryptocurrency backed by gold".


WHITE PAPER It is traditional since Bitcoin, each project to release a white paper before starting his project. This white paper is a specification identifying the problematic the project wants to answer. He will also detail how he, the project, will respond to this problem identified. The more the white paper is neat, the more it proves the quality of the team to work well.


Exemples of white papers:


THE TEAM What is the cast of the team, what have they done in the past?

There are projects that count among their teams, names imposing respect. BAT, the browser rewarding these users, has for example in its ranks the creator of the JAVA protocol and the co-founder of mozzila firefox, and because these names are present, confidence reigns.

(Review the article on Basic Atention Token here)

I take for example also "chilliz" in the video just left, presented this week by the influential french blogger Hasheur who has in his team the founder of winamax, Alexandre Dreyfus and Xavier Niel founder of Free telecom in france.


Actions to answer the problem?




ROAD MAP In general, we speak of a road map, it is a calendar that provides for specific actions before a given date. The point is whether this schedule is credible, respected, and understand why any delays have occurred, and if the reasons are justified.

Example of the road map pundi x

Max Supply  What is, or what will be the total amount of crypto units, this is called the max supply

More the amount available is, or will be, more this unit will have value, it is the famous law of supply and demand, 90% of crypto users are trading and this data will support the price or so will likely to make it flow at the least bad news or suspicion of doubt.

It is also important to know which of the max supply reserves the team, the more the project is decentralized the more it will be credible. This makes me think of ripple, whose team owns 80% of the tokens. Everyone to judge.

Exemples of max supply


Bitcoin 21 000 000
Ethereum 107 808 941
Ripple99 991 349 973


Find all the max supply on the website CoinMarketCap 


The reputation, I recommend this website called, it shows all the dubious, abandoned and malicious projects that have been reported. If the project you want to invest in, please reconsider your intentions.


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