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Brave, the navigator represented by a lion and a triangle. A lion because you become the king of navigation, and a triangle that represents on each of its three sides, the actors of the navigation, you, the navigator, and the publicity that one underwent until now.

the co-founder of the famous Mozilla Firefox browser (which already had rediculed the default browser of microsoft internet explorer) and creator of the javascript program (which was essential for reading a somes pages in the early 2000s), Brendan Eich, part of a simple observation, during our web browsing and use socials networks we suffer a much too large amount of advertising without being asked anything.

Brave, proposes today to block by default all advertisements, and other trackers and cookies which also serve to target you by the different marketing agencies. It will provide you with some pretty statistics, about the time of your life that you will have saved thanks to its operations.


If you agree, you can then announce to Brave that you agree to receive advertising and under what amount for payment in cryptocurrency.

The proposed quantities are 1 to 5 advertisements per hour, which frankly after two weeks of testing do not interfere absolutely, since they appear as notifications at the bottom right of your screen, viewed or not, you will receive 0.05 BAT by notification, is up to 0.25 BAT per hour. You'll love hearing this little ring (which you can turn off)

What it's the BAT ?

BAT is the cryptocurrency of brave, Basic Atention Token, it works on the blockchain ethereum which makes it a token ERC20


This currency is used to pay you but you can also reward the content you feel they deserve in BAT, by clicking on a simple browser logo, provided that the Youtube channel or website is registered as a Publisher on Brave. is well registered as a publisher with Brave

This also represents an opportunity for all bloggers and youtuber to earn more reward through their own public and maybe they will no longer need to monetize their videos?


Which could completely give more power to bloggers and internet users than we all are.


There are 1,263,000,000 BAT in circulation for a maximum bid of 1,500,000,000 token

With a value around 35 cents at the time of writing the article, it has recently climbed to 50 cents and posted a stable high of around 70 cents.

Simple calculation, a user spends an average of 6 hours on the internet per day. At the rate of 5 pubs per hour you can earn 1.5 BAT per day and 45 per month or 540 year.

By speculating on a return of the bat to His highest 70 cents or even around 1 dollars you could be rewarded for your web browsing up to 500 dollars per year. What do you pay for a beautiful week in the sun?




-The browser is designed to organize the same way as google chrome and it can easily import no favorites.

-You will be able to choose to use the browser qwants, which it promises not to keep or use your data as could google.



BAT attracts more and more users with a download number of 20 million reached, this represents a growth of + 450% since 2018. The advertisers are still few, but we can be sure that this system represents the future of web browsing, it is even said that the future facebook currency that should see the light of early 2020 will resume the concept for its social networks and applications.

Want to go in the adventure? if you enjoyed these tips, please use this referral link to open your account, feel free to ask your questions in comment, which I will answer with always as much pleasure.

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