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Are we really measuring the impetus for change?


The system is dying, people are coming out to express their suffering to always have to pay more taxes, fear is felt and confidence, our leaders and the bank is at a low ebb. The fuel tax to combat a "climate warming" less and less obvious in the opinion, was undoubtedly, the drop of too much. Today, languages are loosening to express the desire for a society, a world, more just and especially free.

What is the situation today ?

The debt, widely denounced, a yellow vest testifies "We can today only pay interest on the debt, whereas before the Pompidou law of 1973 France could borrow itself at zero rate. This debt is unfair and suffocates us "

Let us remember here that at the European level the states are organized so that the laws allow the repayment of the public debts by the savings and the current accounts of the citizens.

Take for example this video alert just below, the economist Olivier Delamarche former BFMTV eco-chronicler whose channel has split "for his freedom of tone"






After paying the taxpayer the crisis of 2008 to save

banks "in danger" (everyone remembers the general society in France), it is handed over to create currency indecently, creating worthless money, making up the losses by new credits, leaving our bank accounts more and more exposed to the risk of an unprecedented crisis. France is now struggling to repay its bonds treasury bills accusing the coup of a debt up to 300% of GDP according to Pierre Jovanovic chronicler economist


The deutchbank, a major financial institution in Germany and Europe, incurs a debt of 75% of Germany's GDP, given that Lehman brother accounted for only 5% of US GDP, I let you imagine the magnitude of the future crisis once the bubble burst. (That banks will stop lending to other banks)

Olivier Delamarche alert us to the laws that endanger your assets held in the bank. (available subtitles)

Olivier Delamarche, invites us to "Get out of the bank". on the set of TVL channel. (available subtitles)

Charles Gave, economist, discusses the risks associated with bankruptcy. (available subtitles)

Eloïse Benhammou, accountant, talks about his book "French Kleptocracy" on TVL. (available subtitles)

Let us keep in mind the current economic situation of Italy whose budget is not validated by Europe and who wishes to leave the euro, Portugal, Spain, a single bank declaring its cessation of activity would provoke a panic attack on a bank run in Europe causing at least a freeze on our banking holdings and a daily withdrawal limit as noted during the Greek crisis of 2010 which was a "laboratory" of what could be tomorrow, the Europe as a whole.


Holder of a current account and savings account, your money is not locked in a safe which only you and your loyal banker have access to. Fail to pay a traffic ticket and it will be levied directly, in addition to the fees charged, if you find yourself in dispute rightly or wrongly, a bailiff can now use the decision of the judge. Taxes, and therefore the state has full rights to have and look on any account of the European Union.

The increasingly limited rights to use one's account freely, both for the money inflow to be justified, and the exits to be requested upstream can become frustrating.




Fight against an inflationary system, prevent some third party from having access to its capital. This is where Bitcoin comes into play. Still little underestimated and its extremely volatile value, these parameters hold back new investors. Yet bitcoin is an alternative to the "Kleptocracy" in place, (in reference to the book of Eloïe Benhammou in video jute above) to make the population stronger, more free.

Take for example the current crisis in Venezuela, many Venezuelan today use bitcoin as a safe haven to fight against the devaluation attacks of its national currency and to have access to food and care reselling as many fractions of bitcoin needed day by day.

Let's not forget that the blockchain and a large open book, recording and securing all movements passing thus intermediaries now become big monsters liberticides.


The blockchain presents itself today as an alternative not yet obvious of all. Yet it could be the authentic "government, of the people, by the people and for the people" quoted in Article 2 of the French Constitution of 1958.


(Around 26 Million bitcoin portfolios in the second quarter of 2018, which leaves us to think that only less than 1% of humanity uses cryptocurrency)

The yellow vest phenomenon seems to awaken consciences not only in Europe but throughout the world!

Cryptocurrency is first and foremost a vision, a belief that we can do without corrupt leaders, and banks to make our economy work. When the man in the world realizes it, the relations of forces, governors / governed will be more balanced, more just. This gives us hope for a future based on equity, justice and freedom.


Thank you for reading this article, hoping not to have left the reader in a disproportionate fear, it is at least to alert. It is time to prepare for this crisis, which threatens Europe. Cryptocurrency, as certainly think this man in yellow vest in the photo, I am convinced, sounds like obvious.

I will be glad to have feedback and also answer any questions.



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