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"some faucets allowed you to withdraw up to 4 Bitcoins per day, we are still at the beginning of blockchain technology, do not miss the opportunity to accumulate crypto which will be worth much more in the near or distant future."





Collect diamonds every day and then treat yourself to the NFTs of your choice.





Faucets that allow you to accumulate the following tokens for free:





Accumulate BAT by browsing the internet with the BRAVE browser (Between 20 and 30 € / Month). Become a publisher and be rewarded by the community in BAT


The Pi is a cryptocurrency launched in 2019. It was born from an experiment by three Stanford doctors allowing every smartphone owner to accumulate Pi for free without consuming any resources from their machine.

The speed of accumulation reduces as the community grows internationally. We are in 2023 more than 35 Million already.

The only rule is to press the mining button every 24 hours and verify your identity to avoid one person having multiple accounts.

This Token was listed by Huobi at the end of 2022 and traded at 307.49 USD. During the testnet of a second-hand product selling platform, the community had agreed that the Pi had an exchange value of 100 USD.

It's impossible today to know how much the Pi will be worth, but you can have a whole one for free right now by entering "Sinainthecity" as invitation code and generate a little bit every day until the blockchain finally opens.

The Pi core team will open the blockchain when a minimum number of applications will be live on the network to give the Pi a use case.

Like us, become a pioneer!
Enjoy !


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