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Update June 23th 2020 

BITCOIN, is a digitized new generation currency, born as a result of the 2008 financial crisis, unlike the international currencies managed by the major powers, the dollar, the euro and other currencies, bitcoin was created to be limited in number. There may be only 21,000,000 in circulation, not one more! At the time of writing this article, there are 18,413,118 in circulation.

The missing bitcoins are destined to be mined by minors of a new kind, since they are computers carrying out complex calculations, which release the new bitcoins, each bitcoins must be validated by the community before going into circulation.

This currency belongs to its only users, agreeing on blockchain technology to guarantee each transaction. A revolutionary solid technology.
Its advantage, and that it is not governed by any bank, any state, any person can own, via a hosted wallet, or physical (with a key usb nano). We can withdraw, transfer, exchange all or part of its capital as we see fit at any time throughout the world.

Bitcoin does not justify any war around the world, and helps people free themselves from the oppression of banks and states. It is a long-term saving for many since many bitcoin are stored in portfolios without being exchanged.

Its value at the time of writing is around 9800 dollars, it knew a year ago its highest reaching 22 000 dollars. In view of the growing number of users, it is reasonable to consider that it will reach $ 100,000 in the long term and eventually reach a million dollars, some even speculate on millions of dollars for a single bitcoin. .

Only less than 0.05% of the world's population has adopted bitcoin, if tomorrow we reach 3 or 5%, which is expected, its price will necessarily explode as announced above.

But then you will tell me, nobody could afford bitcoin at the moment when he would reach these extreme values? Well, if! But only fragments of bitcoin, since it is programmed to be cut into eight decimal places. It is therefore possible to exchange 0.00000001 bitcoin, 1 Satoshi in jargon. (Satoshi in reference to the pseudonym of the inventor of bitcoin Satoshi Sakamoto)

In the event that bitcoin reaches tomorrow the million euros, 1 Satoshi would be equivalent to 1 cent.

It is quite conceivable to imagine paying in Satoshi, his coffee, his baguette, clothes, appliances, add to that we can pay with his smartphone via QR Code, this is quite possible.

In Japan, the archipelago always ahead of its time, there is a multitude of businesses accepting bitcoin, Australia announced that it would pay the pension pensions of its citizens in bitcoin, Paris, some taxis and shops accept also bitcoin. It is even today possible to buy bitcoin in French tobacco shops. This is just the beginning, since Bitcoin just celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Today would it be wiser to place 100 Dollars in an A booklet with interest at 0.5%, or place 100 dollars in a portfolio called "wallet" in bitcoin.

If the forecast is correct, in ten years, we would have in this wallet, in bitcoin, between 1020 Dollars (if the bitcoin reaches 100 000 euros) and 10 204 Dollars (If the bitcoin reaches the million dollars) while we would find.

106 Dollars in our booklet, according to the generous paying rates that will want to offer our dear banks.

I hope you better understand today Bitcoin after reading this article, I invite you to still document yourself and of course not risking all your capital in crypto by only betting what you could afford to lose, or forget for many years (HOLDER bet on the long run)

Any comment is welcome and will be taken into account, I remain available to answer any questions.

Yours truly. Thank you.


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