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Firstable, you will need to create a portfolio called "WALLET" in the language of the crypto.

There are several kind of portfolios, intended for all types of people and uses (long-term savings, "the HOLD"), short and medium term investments (trading) and wallets determined daily.

THE COLD WALLET (Physical storage)


You can store your cryptocurrency physically with a nano key. The most known and reliable on the market is currently the key ledger Nano S. 


It will cost between 60 and 80 euros, it' necessary to be comfortable with computer equipment.


This article being part of a beginner's guide we will focus on the simplest solutions for a novice.


Storage of your mobile cryptocurrency via a management interface

To store your BTC (Bitcoins) physically through an interface, you can also use your smartphone, I advise for the most beginner of you, even without buying bitcoin, download the "COINOMI WALLET" available for free on IOS and Android, its sleek ergonomics and its basic use will certainly help you better understand the operation of exchange of money between users. However, I strongly advise against buying crypto currency on the app as the costs are high.


Get closer to our website to buy your first crypto, fees starting from 7% by SEPA transfer with trusted third party.


Note that for these two solutions, you will be asked to note down on paper a series of words constituting a phrase to keep well. Do not ever LOSE or you gonna lose your capital forever if you change your smartphone.


For the key NANO it will be a combination of number and words to keep very preciously, because the security system will ask you to grant the words corresponding to the numbers given in the context of the use of your key (especially on ignition )


Your wallet can be stored on the internet, but you will need to choose a trusted web host. After several comparisons, the most sure and simple of them remains undoubtedly Binance operating since 2017


because your wallet will be well protected and you will be able to access your assets via the app.

You will be able to store, trade, send money easily.

You can also sponsor your entourage to earn $ 15 on 200 dollars of crypto purchased on the site.


To take advantage of the $ 15 offered on $ 200 purchase, create your account here

Opening a wallet with my own mother with a screen transaction of 0.018 BTC or about 60 euros at the time of the transaction

You will need to prove your identity with a front and back photo of one of your identity documents (passport, national card), and also send a proof of address. You can link your bank account to recover your funds or transfer some to buy crypto currency (provided of course that your bank is "crypto friendly." If your bank is among the reluctant institutions then get close to our services)


LA Circum is at your disposal to assist you with the opening of a portfolio and identification procedures.


A brand new platform to host your cryptocurrency


Another alternative with this novelty since this week since the giant BINANCE opens a new platform with

It presents itself as a sure competitor of coinbase, this Chinese platform now accepts the euro and offers some of the lowest rates on the market to offer crypto currency. Many benefits to new users are offered such as 80% of the commissions of loved ones and a chance to win 20 euros when checking his identity. For your security, same politic as on coinbase, you will be asked for ID and proof of address. Open your account here, or enter the following referral ID when registering: 35025460

Binance strong of its experience with its current trading platform since 2017, inspires confidence and enjoys an honest and reliable customer service.

(If you want to trade with Binance in bitcoin open an account here)


In conclusion, I will never repeat it enough, do not put more than 30% of your capital in crypto currency and I will also strongly advise to share your cryptocurrency between two different portfolios to be protected from the best way.


The LA Circum site is at your disposal for any question or need. Do not hesitate to contact us.


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