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Many tips to accumulate crypto for free!

"some taps allow you to withdraw up to 4 Bitcoins per day, we are still at the beginning of blockchain technology, do not miss the opportunity to accumulate crypto which will be worth much more in the near or distant future."

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 Tip use multiple browsers and create multiple accounts to multiply your earnings.


 (Use it with an advertising blocker for more comfort, or with the browser BRAVE  )


--- BAT*

Accumulate BAT by browsing the internet with the BRAVE browser (Between 20 and 30 € / Month). Become a publisher and be rewarded by the community in BAT

--- Pi Network

"Mine" crypto directly on your smartphone for free, download the app, you will need an affiliate code for signing up and increase your rate by 25% use this following code: Sinainthecity

Halving system making money more and more scarce as it is distributed, entering the market in 2021. Entire for FREE !

Follow this link and use my pseudo (Sinainthecity) as your invitation code


*You can transfer your BAT on an exchange as binance and convert all this in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.



Exchange hosting only crypto and offering the exchange of more than 30 cryptocurrencies
Ideal for cryptocurrency trading.



Enjoy !

★★★ Big GAME with the app swissborg ★★★


 Try to guess the bitcoin price et try to earn from 1€78 to 5000 € for the 20 000 first players. Rewards are paid in crypto.


Download the app swissborg and put the code 62JV3JI for thx the website.


Good luck !


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