Cryptocurrencies in the future and in others countries   






Traveling in the Caribbean for more than two months, it is through the island of the Dominican Republic, I realize that the mass adoption in crypto is only a matter of time.

Difficulty accompanies the traveler to obtain local currency, which honestly, as a crypto enthusiast we don't care. We get it because traders sell goods and services in that currency. But basically they have a particular affection in these tickets sometimes vulgarly manufactured and in colors so coarse that a prostitute would seem more refined. I'm not so sure.

Tomorrow with a cryptocurrency payment solution via smartphone or via tablet-type devices from the pundi x project, all these exchange problems, withdrawal fees, etc. will be eliminated, simplicity will prevail and people will be in full control of their assets.

In the septic camp, certainly that we can highlight banks like revolut and N26 which will take almost no exchange fees, only withdrawal fees from the distributor will be charged (Plus or minus 10% anyway).

These banks will be really useful in the most used currencies in the world in the first place the US dollars of course.

This will be complicated in less recognized currencies the Dominican peso for my experience, the CFA franc doomed to disappear, the dirhams and dinars of the Maghreb and others.

The libra of facebook could have been a solicitation, very quickly stifled by world organizations, the fact remains that today that bitcoin remains king with a number of rich possibilities of obtaining a wallet on his smartphone also accepting l ethereum and many other digital currencies that can actually become an alternative to tedious currencies to obtain for the traveler and for which honestly the only interests benefit our dear banks, which derive significant benefits (In other words, they steal from us!).

One day, no doubt, the people will understand and sound a real revolution in terms of tourism and currency exchange. The only question will be, who of the traveler or international traders will start to offer crypto as a solution? and equip themselves with payment terminals and or charge wallets on smartphones

I am thinking in particular of the pundi X BOB smartphone soon available to the general public for which it is true I have a great affection but they are the first in the field and we hope to see a manufacturer like Samsung or HTC offer the software developed by the team property of LADD Ltd Dublin IRELAND
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