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In a previous article we mentioned tax laws concerning cryptocurrencies and their added value. Banks are very afraid of crypto and suggest governments to act quickly. At the last G20 in Osaka (June 2019), the subject of crypto was put on the table and the goal is clear, states want to know all crypto holders and tax them.

« G20 members agreed on the need for exchanges to provide financial authorities with information about their customers when they are trading. » Source : chepicap

At LA Circum, we suggest that all our customers remain anonymous and store their crypto in a coldwallet

Thus (compared to the laws in force today) you remain free of any declaration as well as any tax. And will have the freedom to do it or not in the future





Your bank should not know that you are buying cryptocurrency.

Many documents sent by banks circulate on the internet announcing to their customers that their transfers on this or that exchange has been blocked for security reasons, fight against drugs and terrorism ect or telling you that the value of crypto is too volatile the bank prefers to preserve you from this fléo. LA Circum is not referenced as an exchange you will have no difficulty in transaction for purshace crypto in our website



Illegal transactions made in cryptocurrency would represent no more than 1% of flows, a ratio much lower than the traditional currency.

Refuse any identity document sharing with exchange platforms.


At LA Circum, your data only serves to differentiate the multiple transfers arriving on our professional account. We are committed to keeping them confidential. If the verification for you is a problem we will offer alternative payment methods such as PCS or Transcash without any request for an identity document.


Change your wallet address as much as possible.


Technical training to make the summary of your transactions on the blockchain untraceable.




Step 1: Create an off exchange wallet

-Equipped with ColdWallet for cold storage we strongly recommend Ledger nano S or Nano X

-If you do not want to invest in a Ledger key we recommend you download PundiX on smartphone to manage Bitcoin, Ethereum, NPXS, BNB, NEM, NPXSXEM



Step 2: Order your crypto

Find all our payment methods in the menu at the top right of the site.



Step 3: preserve your anonymity

Change your address at each crypto reception to make you untraceable (Functionality possible with Ledger)


Keep in a safe place your ledger key, this is not without reminding that in France our grandparents and older ancestors did not have enough confidence in banks and had many hiding places where to store their gold, silver, and notes. Times change and today we store key and recovery phrase like sesame. property of LADD Ltd Dublin IRELAND
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