The reality is quite different, 92% of tickets are completely loser, you are more likely than an asteroid falls on your face, to die before the draw or to be canonized by the Vatican to find your unique combination win the ultimate against the 116,531,800 others. In other words, the odds are tiny. And yet as many we spend 2 € 50 for this ticket. It does not make sense !

From the purchase of this ticket until the evening of the draw, this sum offers us the dream, what would we do with this sum of money, such as an alcoholic escaping from his glass or a drug addict with his dose. The euromillion is intoxicating with its well thought out marketing. Pretty presenter, exhibition of winners who before were just like you, then you identify with them. This now the relevance of "What if .." when we meet at the tobacconist.

Last month, the state validated the sale of its 72% share of the French games. So renouncing a juicy market of 15.1 billion for a net profit of 181 million. From now on, your losses will no longer finance any project of public interest (if that was the case). Hard to imagine a private company to be content with its figures despite all the rise. We must expect an even finer marketing in order to attract and retain a greater number of people in search of escape.



Time to change game ?

On the other side, some individuals, looked like extraterrestrials by including these same players of the French games and other euromillions, accumulate crypto, and not necessarily that you bitcoin, seductive and solid projects programmed to win together and especially to serve the greatest number as PUNDIX or BAT. Cryptonauts, we dream of an ideal, except that here we are working to make it a reality and every week concrete goals are achieved.

In the last five years, the total market capitalization of crypto has increased by nearly 40 times from 5,000 billion to 186 billion and this is just beginning.


The question is, in which camp would it be better for the future, the one where we put 2 € 50 a week or more to play a chance on 116 million or spend the same amount to build a long portfolio term intended anyway to mount.

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