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Project that in less than two years convinced by its seriousness and speed of development, their vision is clear, "buying cryptocurrency should be as easy as buying a bottled water."

Its goal is also to seduce the next million users of cryptocurrency.

PUNDIX is already more than 100,000 users of X Wallet recorded around the world, and for good reason, his project is more than attractive, it rewards all the users of the network who themselves have certainly seized the opportunity to multiply their capital turned into npxs, npxsem or newly the fx by 10, 100 see can be over 1000. YES!

A generous investment, and promising.

Let's face it, there's no point in betting on pundix values ​​if you're in a hurry, but if you're on the side of patience, then what's next will make sense to you.

Today the NPXS represents a huge total supply of 274555193861 tokens of which 194603096088 are in circulation for a price around 0.0007 dollars. A price that fell sharply after an ICO that raised as much as $ 35 million in January 2018.

Ilearn from a source close to the team that the number of tokens has been voluntarily increased to be able to develop the project quietly away from criticism that could be related to market speculation. (You will understand the goal is not to earn x 10 000% right away, priority to the reality of a relevant project)

With a respected road map, PUNDIX has just released, in other, the X POS for shops, machines, on which customers can make transactions directly in crypto, a first! As transactions progress, PUNDIX will receive a commission in NPXS that it undertakes to permanently cancel (burn).

The X POS also allows traders to sell cryptocurrency without going through a third party as can be seen today with the tobacconists who use KeplerK to sell bitcoin. Thus PUNDIX easily allows the development of a truly decentralized project of its currency, is it not the primary goal of the creation of crypto ?!

PUNDIX now supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, npxs, npxsxem, fx. Once the project is adopted by a larger number, more crypto will be available on the project supports. Here too, there is a choice of the team not to offer immediately a multitude of crypto not attract attention and grow the activity "quietly".


The number of NPXS token, is therefore intended to decline thus mathematically increase the value of npxs still in circulation.


But still, where the npxs (pundix token) and soon the fx (corner of pundix) could explode, it is by increasing the number of users, they (users) are very cared for pundix. I tested for 3 weeks, and I report it to you.


Immediately by downloading the X Wallet on android or IOS you will be offered several satoshis of bitcoin, fractions of ethereum and some token of npxs representing about 10 cts of welcome.

Generous, the app offers you the opportunity to see you offer some extra crypto every 24 hours by simply "pointing" via the claim button in the category "extra"

So every day you accumulate fractions of cryptocurrency, today certainly, low in value, but destined to explode in the next 2 to 5 years.

Imagine accumulating 20 euros per day for 5 years on a pot available in just 5 years with 0 investment if not the few seconds needed "to point".


For the more optimistic NPXS or NPXSEM, Pundix offers 11% more npxs than what you already have in the X wallet. (Make sure your wallet is compatible, the best is to store your crypto on the X Wallet)

Example: if you have 100,000 npxs you will have the following month 111 000 npxs on your wallet. Hurry up if you are interested the last installment will take place in July 2019.





This process makes it possible to reward the holders of crypto on x wallet. With this reward PUNDIX offers you the possibility to stack the new corner still not available on the platforms of exchange, it is the fx, for me with 135 000 npxs PUNDIX allows me to stack 1.87 fx.

You can also sponsor your friends and be rewarded always crypto for a value ranging today from 2 to 17 cts, here again all this is intended to explode in value on the rise!


What could also increase the number of users is the announcement of Samsung that in its next product samsung S10 will offer an integrated wallet on which we can deposit NPXS.

Of all the crypto projects, it is the first one that really shows itself as commercial and generous with its users and what better to pretend to seduce the businesses and convince them to use the X POS!


PUNDIX devices and its advanced technology.

In addition to the X POS, for users there is now the X PASS, this card can use its crypto wallet without his smartphone, this pass works without code with a single contact on dedicated devices.

Less than two years and already partnerships all over the world. Dubai, Switzerland, Canada, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Singapore, Taiwan, USA, Indonesia, France, Netherlands, Nigeria, Colombia, Spain, Slovenia, Germany, Bulgaria, South Korea, Australia, Malaysia, Argentina, Brazil, Honk Kong, Sweden, Moldova.

PUNDIX seduced especially since he is also interested in telephony since he plans to release his X PHONE presented recently at the Barcelona, France Telecom and Free trade show, it would be informed about this same show about the product. This phone as the X POS would use its own network fxtp.

The future opens doors for the PUNDIX project and its users. We are only at the beginning of what the blockchain offers as opportunities.

If you are eager to download and use the X wallet, at least for gifts that do not need to invest a penny, please use this link referral, remaining available for any question related to the functionality of the X Wallet and to the article.

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